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Global Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Reduced Local Emissions

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Sustainability

Inexhaustible Supply of Heat

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuel

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Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy
Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy

Reduced energy costs

Increased comfort

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced VAT - Only 5%

Increased return on investment



About Biomass

Plant based biomass fuel is considered 'carbon neutral' – it takes carbon out of the atmosphere whilst it is growing and returns it as it is burned. On a sustainable basis, biomass is harvested as part of a constantly replenished crop, maintaining a closed carbon cycle with no net change in atmospheric CO2 levels. The most common fuel sources used in biomass boilers are:

  • Wood chip
  • Wood pellets
  • Logs
  • Firewood

Why Choose Biomass

  • Government subsidy available (see RHI scheme below)
  • Significant savings on fuel costs compared to other sources e.g. oil, coal, gas and LPG combined with security of supply
  • Reduced carbon footprint – lower CO2 emissions when compared with fossil fuels.
  • Environmental benefits - burning waste wood that otherwise might be sent to a landfill site.
  • Social benefits - local fuel source widely available resulting in local investment and employment.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme *NEW*

The UK government has introduced the RHI scheme to encourage the switch to heat generated by renewable sources. This subsidy applies to qualifying biomass installations:

  • Up to 7.9p paid per kWh of useful heat
  • Payable on a quarterly basis, guaranteed for 20 years

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