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Global Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Reduced Local Emissions

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Sustainability

Inexhaustible Supply of Heat

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuel

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Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy
Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy

Reduced energy costs

Increased comfort

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced VAT - Only 5%

Increased return on investment

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Renewable Energy for Community Projects

An increasing number of community centres are looking for ways to cut down on the overall energy usage, and ground source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular, due to there being no outside ancillary equipment. A ground source heat pump working to its maximum efficiency, with a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.5, basically means that for 1 kilo watt of electrical energy the unit consumes it produces 4.5 kilo watts of heat.

The heat pump needs to be sized and installed correctly this is a specialist subject in its own right. We at Revolution Power are experts in our own right with over 80 heat pump installations, from small 5kW jobs up to 50kW the principal is the same, check, check and double check once it is calculated and installed. If done correctly you will have a system with many years of low maintenance ahead of you. We can guide you through the process from concept through the grant accusation process to commissioning.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation - Meadow Well Community Centre North Shields

Terra Nostra, meaning 'Our earth,' located on the housing estate of Meadow Well in North Shields, is a sustainable community centre founded and operated by residents.

The visionary "eco" centre, built on the site of the previous community centre, has risen from the ashes in more ways than one. The old centre it replaces was burned to the ground in the Meadow Well Riots of 1992.

The centre itself aims to be a centre of excellence for renewables with a rainwater recovery system, wind turbines, solar thermal, borehole water recovery and a Ground Source Heat Pump. The centre aims to be carbon neutral by the end of 2008.

To find out more on how Revolution Power used a Ground Source Heat Pump to provide heating and hot water in the Meadow Well Community Centre in North Shields please click on the link opposite.

For further information on the benefits of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps or other Renewable Energy Sources, including information on Government Grants for Installation of Renewable Energy sources in Community Projects, please contact Revolution Power by email at Revolution Power - Ground Source Heat Pumps - Community Projects or telephone 01325 320 910