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Global Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Reduced Local Emissions

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Sustainability

Inexhaustible Supply of Heat

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuel

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Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy
Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy

Reduced energy costs

Increased comfort

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced VAT - Only 5%

Increased return on investment

Ground Source Heat Pumps – Low Cost Green Energy for the Home

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Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient of the heat pumps if they are sized and fitted correctly. As with most technological advances, they only work if you do your calculations correctly, and heat pumps are no exception. In order to make a ground source heat pump work, attention to detail is very important. You first need to work out the heat loss and this will enable you to select the correct sized heat pump for the job. This will produce a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.5 which basically means that for 1 kilo watt of electrical energy the unit consumes it produces 4.5 kilo watts of heat.

However just as important is once you have selected the heat pump, you need to work out the refrigeration capacity of the heat pump and size the ground loop, which is the collector area, to match the energy available in the ground. This is a very important step and if undersized (which is common) will have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the heat pump.

We always calculate the ground loop for the heat pump correctly and would prefer to oversize the ground loop and not win a job, than under size it. In my opinion this is false economy, as this will only lead to a reduction in efficiency and cause the heat pump to work harder than it needs to.

We have experience in all ground source heat pumps, from standard ground source with ground loops, to bore holes and even water source where you take water from a river pond or the ground and extract the energy before returning the water to the source.


Domestic Ground Source Heating Installation - North Yorkshire

We were contacted in February 2007 for prices on ground source heat pumps as a customer was keen to install one in a large new build.

We began the installation in May 2008 and completed in September. The customers had more than enough land to install the underground pipe work and arranged the ground works by themselves. The heatpump system will give considerable savings in fuel costs over using an oil boiler, making it particularly attractive for premium new builds such as this.

The clients are overjoyed at the installation and are intending to use ground source heat pumps in their future projects.

To read more on the way Revolution Power used a Ground Source Heat Pump to reduce heating costs in this North Yorkshire home please click on the link opposite.

Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump Installation - Barn Conversion North Yorkshire

Ann contacted us after being frustrated at the lack of information and advice from speaking to some 'big name' companies who advertise in the Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine.

Ann was looking for a renewable solution for a barn that she was converting for holiday letting.

Following a site visit and information given and heat loss calculations undertaken we installed a Stiebel Eltron WPF10.

Ann is overjoyed at the end result and has sent us a letter of appreciation.

To read more on Revolution Power's installation of a Stiebel Eltron Ground Source Heat Pump in this North Yorkshire home please click on the case study link opposite.

Ground Source Heat Pump & Underfloor Heating - Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Graham contacted ourselves after getting our details from a satisfied customer that had a ground source heat pump installed in 2007.

The bungalow was having under floor heating installed so seemed a perfect combination with a heat pump and having a sufficient amount of land to install the pipes.

With rising oil and gas prices the owners were keen for a cost effective way of heating their home.

After a short time Graham placed the order and we commenced the installation in August and completed in September 2008. The Stiebel Eltron WPC GSHP's are perfect for this type of installation being easy and quick to install and take up relatively small amounts of space in a plant/utility room.

To read more about how Revolution Power installed a Stiebel Ground Source Heat Pump and underfloor heating and reduced heating costs in this Yorkshire home, please click on the link opposite.

For more information on installing a Ground Source Heat Pump to supply your homes energy and reduce your heating bills, or for further information on using Renewable Energy Sources in the home, including government grants to assist with the cost of installing a Ground Source Heat Pump please email Revolution Power - Ground Source Heat Pumps -Domestic Use or telephone 01325 320 910