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Global Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Reduced Local Emissions

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Sustainability

Inexhaustible Supply of Heat

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuel

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Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy
Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy

Reduced energy costs

Increased comfort

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced VAT - Only 5%

Increased return on investment

Solar Thermal Energy – Renewable Energy for Community Projects

An increasing number of community centres are installing solar water heating panels to cut down on the overall energy usage. Schuco solar thermal panels are a good choice as they are not easily damaged because they are made from toughened glass and are not as susceptible to damage as the evacuated tube type of solar water heating, and over the year are just as efficient.

With some intelligent design and attention to detail solar thermal panels can be integrated with other renewable energy products to produce a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Solar Thermal Panels – County Durham

The Schuco Solar Thermal System of 6.9m2 (in collector size) provides approximately 360 Litres of hot water per day. The Schuco designed panels are the ultimate in flat plate solar technology and are very neat and compact in design.

Due to the complexity of the installation we installed two combi cylinders in the loft totalling 280 Litres which fed into the other water stores within this large property.

The central government grant of £400 can be claimed after a Solar Thermal installation has been completed. In this instance as Hugh lives in the Wear Valley area he was able to receive another grant from the Wearvalley Council, details opisite.

For more information on using Solar Thermal Energy and Renewable Energy Sources for your Community or Not-for-Profit Project, including information on government grants available for Solar Thermal Energy for Community Projects please contact Revolution Power by email at Revolution Power - Solar Thermal Energy - Community Projects or telephone 01325 320 910