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Global Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Reduced Local Emissions

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global Sustainability

Inexhaustible Supply of Heat

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuel

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Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy
Personal Benefits of Installing Renewable Energy

Reduced energy costs

Increased comfort

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced VAT - Only 5%

Increased return on investment

Revolution Power – Testimonials

Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump

Dear Wayne

One year on and the Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump is working like a dream.

Thanks again to you and your team at Revolution Power for the professional way you managed the installation, which was totally stress free for Marion and I.

Whilst still feeling quite smug about using a renewable energy source for our domestic hot water and central heating, I thought I would share with you a rather pleasant side effect.

When I decided to change from our gas system to the Air Source Heat Pump, I thought any savings on our bills would be a bonus.

Little did I know how significant those savings were going to be.

As a Chartered Management Accountant I do some pretty sad things when it comes to figures and from day one I started to record the usage.

In the previous 12 months, pre installation, we had spent over £1,100 on gas and the following 12 months, post installation, our spend on additional electricity came to around £700, a saving of over £400.

Impressive, I am sure you would agree.

As a total convert to renewable energy I am now looking forward to the imminent installation of our Solar PV system which I am sure will prove to be equally impressive.

Thanks again.

Yours sincerely

Mike Corry

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Panel Installation

Dear Wayne & Stuart

I am writing to let you know how much we have appreciated our new heating system over this winter. We have never been as warm before, in spite of this being the coldest winter for years. The Ecodan 14kW air source heat pump has run more quietly than I had dared to hope and I am astonished at how little it has impacted on our electricity bills. I think this may be partly due to having a larger hot water cylinder. Previously, as a household with 3 teenage daughters, the immersion heater was in regular use and often forgotten. We have not needed to use the immersion heater since the new system was installed in the autumn and have had plenty of hot water for baths.

We installed the heat pump when our old oil boiler needed replacing. I would expect to have used well in excess of 1000l heating oil over the period since, which would have cost at least £450 at last year's prices. I think we will have saved around £300 over the winter, which is very welcome.

In addition, we have not had to worry about running out of oil in the bad weather, nor do we have the smell of the oil tank, and we have extra space in the kitchen where the boiler used to be. The new system is quieter than the old.

The installation of the air source heat pump and solar water-heating panels was achieved with the minimum of disruption and by a pleasant team. The solar panels have made a noticeable contribution, albeit a small one, over the winter. I expect them to offer significant savings over the summer. Over all, we have been delighted with the advice and support we have received as well as the good work. I would use you again for future energy projects and recommend you to friends. I look forward to hearing from you regarding solar pv panels.

Best wishes

M Wilkinson

Ground Source Heat Pump & Underfloor Heating in the Home

I had a Ground Source Heat Pump and Under Floor Heating installed by Revolution Power in 2006 on to my self build house. Having lived with the heat pump now for about three years I have found it cheap to run and it has lived up to my expectations. I was that pleased with the service and the quality of the installation that I received from Revolution Power that when I built a house for my mother I did not hesitate to contact Revolution Power who installed an Air Source Heat Pump and an Under Floor Heating System again to a high standard.
D. Butters

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation - Meadow Well Community Centre North Shields

"During the Heat Pump installation at Meadow Well, the team members from Revolution Power had to be very flexible and conscientious working in and around our busy centre

Here at the centre we have disabled groups and people on probation service so consideration had to be taken due to the nature of clients on the premises.

Revolution Power worked and co-ordinated with the employees of Meadow Well, and the other renewable energy contractors, to provide a complete seamless solution.

In the middle of the installation Revolution Power were asked to talk to a school group regarding the full installation of the heat pump and were able to accommodate the group with explaining the installation process in detail.

The Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pump is part of our scheme to become carbon neutral by the end of the year. We found Revolution's expertise to complete the installation and overcome problems on site to be invaluable."

Carole Bell

Solar Thermal Energy Panels (Collectors) Installation

"We've had our thermal solar collectors now for three months and they have worked silently and faultlessly. We have no bills yet to compare with previous periods but it is now early December, a time when we expected little benefit, but we are amazed. The solar energy starts pumping around 9.40 am most days and runs for 4 to 5 hours. The other day we were still getting the equivalent of over 4 kilowatt hours per day and its nearly mid-winter. I can't wait for the next gas bill!"
Roger Clubley

Air Source Heat Pump Installation with Solar Thermal Panels

"My wife and I decided to look into the possibility of renewable energy at the end of the year. Our reasons were partly fuelled by anticipation of rising fuel prices, partly through a wish to contribute to the renewable energy revolution and partly as a long term investment. Having previously come into contact with Revolution Power through a work requirement, we approached the company after doing our own research on possible options, to seek advice regarding installation of either a ground or air source heat pump. Given our circumstances, an air source heat pump with solar panels adding to the system, was felt to be the best option to look at in order to meet our needs.

Initially we were completely free from commitment to any transaction, and during this time Revolution Power staff proved appraochable, knowledgeable and willing to provide information and anwers to our bespoke needs from the outset. We were kindly offered the possibility of seeing a locally installed system at a nearby residence and soon after viewing this, and liking what we saw, we felt confident to commit to the process.

With a three story house, scaffolding was needed to allow solar panel fitting. It was erected quickly and efficiently and without delay the system was installed last October. Wayne and his team were professional, efficient and seen to be highly skilled at their job and the installation process was smoothly done. Any questions thereafter have been met with immediate responses. Follow up inspections were undertaken with similar efficiency and clarity of purpose.

The bottom line - does it work? A resounding yes. From a purely financial standpoint, our standing with our energy supplier this April is £200 better off compared to this time last year (after only 6 months with the new system) and as from this month we are paying £25 less per month on direct debit. Total kWh usage for gas and electricity (combined) was less than half used for the previous winter - despite the fact that December / January were the coldest for years!

However, the financial benefits provide only a fraction of the benefit that we now enjoy and appreciate. What we did not realise prior to installation was the quality and uniformity of heating that the system would provide. In other words, the house is always warm - radiators are constantly warm - not hot - and so the level of heating is constant, 24 hours a day. That means no hot / cold dips in temperature through the day and constant fiddling with the old (gas fuelled system) thermostat. We remember playing "catch-up-the-ideal-temperature" and are pleased to say that it's now a thing of the past!

Now we have a great system - I would recommend it to be considered by all households - based on our experience. Whilst the financial benefits are tangible, the comfort of our house in the winter and the knowledge that the energy source is no longer reliant upon fossil fuels are all factors that serve to underpin our decision to make the change."

Dr C Scott

Solar Thermal Panel Installation for Home Use

"Nothing can quite beat the feeling of taking a nice hot shower knowing that the heating of the water has been produced purely by the sun. The 'smug shower syndrome' is perhaps part of the equation that people may not think about if they are contemplating putting in hot water solar panels. But this is very important. By installing solar heating you know you are doing something good for the environment. Once installed the panels and pump work for themselves. There is very little energy needed - just the pump which is estimated at about £5 per year. Since they were installed, three months ago, we have only had our boiler on for 1 hour in total, instead of the usual 3 hours per day and we have been able to have our usual shower, baths and enough water for washing up.

The team who designed and installed it were great, very friendly and professional and the kit looks very impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending Revolution Power for their solar water heating systems - absolutely brilliant!

Life throws up lots of choices but this is one of them we should all make if you can."

Ken Bradshaw

Renewable (Green) Energy for UK Homes

"I'm sure you will be pleased to hear the system is working well beyond our expectations. Yesterday gave us 67 deg hot water by the time we got home from work. In September! I'll be interested to see what it does today with it being overcast."
Tim Davies

Heat Pump Installation - Domestic (Home) Use

"It has been a pleasure to deal with you, and I feel fortunate that you have carried out our installation. I feel we have had the very best of service from dealing with you.

I will continue to recommend you unreservedly to all who have an interest in renewable energies, and am happy to show our installation should you have anyone wishing to see a heat pump in action!"

Ann Sowerby